Posture Exercise

StrongPosture.com is an excellent and highly recommended source for posture exercises. It provides lots of free information and 7-Week to Strong Posture program for a reasonable fee. See Dr. Miron for website specials.


Metagenics.com offers some of the best quality and best researched nutritional products available only through doctors' offices. Through this link, you can order directly from Metagenics using practitioner code: BMiron.

Free Posture Picture App for Iphone/Ipad

Take posture pictures of yourself, friends and family with a free APP for Iphones or Ipads (sorry - not on Android yet). Use it to track your exercise and posture progress. Click here to go to the App Store. (This is available on the StrongPosture.com website above, too).

Foot and Shoe Information

NaturalFootgear.com offers a great deal of good information about natural foot care and minimalist / barefoot types of shoes and accessories.